Our wedding photography is led by Professional Photographer, Kristin Wienold.  Kristin was raised in a family of photographers… inspired by her mother’s natural talent and eye, she began to focus her attention on the art of photography when she was 14 years old. Having received her first camera when she was 5 years old, photography was quite literally, in her genes! Having taken photography classes in both high school and college, Kristin had a true love of the dark room and for her senior year spring break chose to spend the week with her mother on a photo safari of the Chesapeake Bay. They spent three days on the Rebecca T, the last remaining oyster skipjack by sail on the bay. Kristin and Lois then spent the remaining days of the break at home in their dark room developing and printing the 35+ rolls of film they had shot. It was an experience of a lifetime for Kristin and she loved spending that time with  her mother…!

In her early 20s, Kristin worked in television for nearly 6 years as a freelance camera person for major league sports; shooting for all of the major sports networks, she worked with the Wizards, Capitals, Redskins, DC United, Men’s US Soccer Team, PGA, Professional Lacrosse, and more! It was during this time, she realized her true passion was for still imagery and photographed her first wedding in 1997 alongside…. her mother!

“I have a passion for photography that is hard to put into words… at the end of the day, the band has packed up, the food is all gone, the cake tasted marvelous, and the guests have all left for home… what do the bride and groom have to remember their special day… my photos!
But it’s kind of strange, you would think that would make me feel more pressure to capture just the right shots; but, instead, it makes me have more fun with what I do for a living, it inspires me to want to get to know the bride and groom more and to be able to enjoy the day with them. After all, when you hire a photographer, remember, we are going to share in all of the intimate moments with you. When your father kisses you on your forehead and tells you just how proud he is of you; we will be right by your side. When you see each other for the first time; we will be there too. When, for the first time, you are announced as husband and wife and are officially starting your new life together; we will be with you.
There are a lot of firsts that happen on your wedding day, we view it as a true honor to be the ones chosen to celebrate those firsts with you!”
— Kristin