Social Photography

95404594-LSocial photography is more of a state of mind following the senses that create memories. Whether it’s weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, birthdays, reunions or picnics; memories are set in the mind in an intangible way and we are there to help you lay the forms for that foundation.  Many of the formats we use for corporate photography, we bring to social as well, but tailored for the intimacy of that event.

  • Our Green Screen Photostation places your guest on one of a limitless number of stock backgrounds, or we can build custom backgrounds catered to your event. Think of birthday cakes with guests inside, Jeep rides with dinosaurs, or time travel to futuristic landscapes. We’ve done it all.
  • Open Air Photostations help capture your guests in the natural décor of your venue or on a backyard patio.
  • The Photobooth is an automated system that your guests enter for four timed shots reminiscent of the boardwalk era.
  • Add to any of these, Social Photo, where your guests can share their pictures anywhere in the world from our provided iPads, and you can guarantee our photostations will be the hit of the party.
  • Onsite Printing puts the fun in your guests’ hands. With a wide selection of sizes, frames and add-ons let EDPi send a piece of your event home with your guest.