Heads Up!

Heads-on-Bodies! Want your head on a super hero’s or professional athlete’s or lion tamer’s body? Our Heads Up! system provides fun, interactive bodies for your guests to choose from. A small set up with a professional camera and flash along with a 6’ table to house the computer and printer, the Heads Up! system fits in most events. All packages include unlimited 4×6 prints, use of stock bodies, easel card frame for each print and one photographer with one computer operator. Packages start at $895.

Note: adding the green screen for multi-layer bodies will increase the footprint needed for set up

Optional Upgrades:
Green Screen Multi-Layer Bodies
Social Photo
Additional iPad Rentals for Social Photo
Disk/Dropbox of Saved Composite Photos
Web Posting of Saved Composite Photos
Custom Background Design
5×7 Prints